Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mr Big Bear Streamcast Season 1, Ep 2 - Hunker-Down

Harder They Come Sugaree Cassidy Tangled Up in Blue > Wharf Rat Dirty Work> Get Out My Life Woman Abear Brothers Dave Hebert formerly of Melvin Seals and JGB and Matt Hebert jamming with their buddy Chris Sheldon of DeadPhish Orchestra. Playing a wide variety of music, ad-libbing,cracking jokes, keeping it light and positive. These sure are some crazy times and we are doing our best to adapt. Enjoy these streams and check out our virtual tip jar. PayPal.me/DHebert737 Venmo @Dave-Hebert-3 We would love to hear from you, any request we can get to in our upcoming stream. Thanks so much

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