Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mr Big Bear Streamcast Season 1, Ep 9 Mask or not to Mask

We Go on live at 7PM MT
with Music Never Stopped and The Lariat in Buena Vista
Mr Big Bear Streamcast
Wednesday 4/2/2020 7:00 Pm MT
Season 1, Ep 9 Mask or not to Mask
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Abear Brothers Dave A'Bear formerly of Melvin Seals and JGB Xtra Ticket and Matthew Abear of Steely Dead jamming with their buddy Chris Sheldon of DeadPhish Orchestra. Playing a wide variety of originals and cover music, ad-libbing, cracking jokes, keeping it light and positive. These sure are some crazy times and we are doing our best to adapt. Enjoy these streams and check out our virtual tip jar.

We would love to hear from you, any request we can get to in our upcoming stream.

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Note: Health and Safety is our priority.
The only way these streams are able to happen is:
This is a home studio facility we all are living together, and we are following the guidelines of the CDC. Washing hands, disinfecting all surfaces Keeping a safe distance from others, an bumpin elbows, we are doing our best to get through this, we want you to to be safe at home we will bring the music to you. Much love

Here is the following Mr Big Bear StreamCast schedule, all times are Mountain Time, since we are streaming from Denver Colorado.

Sun 4/5 4:20pm
Mon 4/6 6pm
Tues 4/7 After Phish?
Wed 4/8 8:10pm with Deadhead Land
Fri 4/10 7pm with Music Never Stopped

We have been blessed to have a streaming studio, with an acoustic/ electric trio co-habitating in the same home in Colorado. We will continue to stream music to you, as long as the situation allows. Thanks again for tuning in. #virtualhugs

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