Wednesday, May 27, 2020

MR BIG BEAR SHOW S2 Ep5 Super Spreader

MR BIG BEAR SHOW S2 Ep5 Super Spreader

Thanks for tuning in: Please consider a virtual contribution. Tips are always appreciated, but not required. We are beyond grateful that you are here.

A streamcast born out of the COVID-19 crisis. Cohabiting & sheltered in place, the Abear Brothers Dave and Matt jamming with their buddy Chris Sheldon. Bringing some live jamming to your home, Mr. Big Bear Streamcast has a wide variety of original and cover music, ad-libbing, cracking jokes, and doing our best to keep it light and positive. Enjoy these streams and check out our virtual tip jar. All your contributions are appreciated but not expected.

Thanks so much!

Dave Hebert - Guitar & VOX
Matthew Hebert - Bass & VOX
Chris Sheldon - Drums & VOX
Sara Beth Hebert - Camera and Graphics
Lani Hebert - Merchandise

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