Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Focus on Music

 I have made the decision this year to go back to full time music gigging, writing and recording, It's been a weird 2 years a lot of booking hesitancy and postponed/cancelled gigs really gave me good reason to stick out the night job. Back in March 2020 one week before the shit hit the fan Steely Dead had just got back from a successful Northern California tour. I was positioning myself to make the jump from my part time night job to a full time gig schedule. Well now I believe the time is right and I'm ready to get back to doing what brings me great joy in life.

I am actively booking Solo,Duet, Acoustic shows and of course more Electric Dead-Centric lineups!! If you want to have a Party this summer hit me up!! If you want guitar lessons hit me up!! By June 1st I should be wide open and ready to rock!!

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  1. might as well try, might as well try!
    This is great news